Click on the artists’ names or photos below for full descriptions and artist bios.


Marco Boggia Sella
Virtual America
Marco Boggio


Rachel Foullon-
Los Hoes
Rachel Foullon


Martha Friedman-


Matthew Hansel-


Matthew Lusk-


Christian Maycheck-
Christien Maycheck


Mamiko Otsubo-
Milky Way/Stars


Rachel Owens
Wishing Well
Wishing well close up


Ian Pedigo-
the Attempt to Retrieve
Ian Pedigo


Drawings on paper

Jazz man Close up


Mark Schubert


Mike Peter Smith-
the Handyman Dreams of Stinky Cheese and Rustic Bread
mike smith close up


Luke Stettner-

Continuous and Discontinuous Lines



Ruby Sky Stiler-
No Legend
Ruby Sky Stiler


Too Big to Fail-
Group painting show Curated by Daniel Heidkamp
Kenny Scharf close up


Urban Mandala-
Interactive art installation
Urban Mandala


Mike Womack –  
Nothing Can Be Perfectly Empty

Nothing Can Be Perfectly Empty


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