Kadar Brock

Defile Metamorphosis


Brock’s works combine strict patterns with a sense of the loose lines that are based on esoteric mysticism, architectural forms, city lights, hip-hop sensibilities, and a love of life that riffs concepts with a natural feel that can appeal to everybody while satisfying us spiritually and intellectually if we choose to stand and stare. Contemplation is recommended here for full enlightenment by Brock.

His paintings and works on paper, which are abstract and full of diamond-shaped patterns, reflect an ongoing interest in the techniques of “bad painting” in the style of Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen.

Brock’s works are noted for its mixed media approach to each one of the canvases. His works include use of spray paint, oil, acrylic, and flashe paint within a dense mesh of geometric shapes, intersecting lines, and brightly colored patterns within both paintings and works on paper. With its complex density of symbolism and strong interest in the concept of magic and memory, the artwork connects the viewer with the underlying concept of being engaged with its use of color and form.


Born New York, NY 1980
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


BFA Cooper Union School of Art; New York, New York

Solo Exhibitions

Heaven is a place on earth, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY
You only live once, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Painting can you take me to heaven, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY

Group Exhibitions

Inflection, Hudson Valley Center of Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY (forthcoming)
New Mirrors, curated by Herb Tam, Exit Art, New York, NY (forthcoming)

Too Big To Fail, sponsored by NADA and LaMontagne Gallery, 395 Flatbush Extension, Brooklyn, NY
Quick While Still, Motus Fort, Tokyo, JAPAN
The Cursed Chateau, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN
Night Shift, Hudson Guild, New York, NY
Candygrammar, curated by Michael Wilson, 999 Metropolitan, Brooklyn, NY
Heart Break Hotel, Freight + Volume, New York, NY
ACRIA Silent Auction, 15 USW, New York, NY

HVCCA Benefit Auction, Yvonne Lambert, New York, NY
I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl, Curated by Anat Ebgi, Terence Koh, and Jenny Schlenzka, Asia Song Society, New York, NY
Cover Version, Curated by Timothy Hull, Taylor De Cordoba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

eFlux PawnShop, New York, NY
Stuff: international contemporary art from the collection of Burt Aaron, Detroit MOCA, Detroit, MI
The Dominant Planets, High Energy Constructs, Los Angeles, CA
Invisible Jet, BUIA Gallery New York, NY

MASH, Design District, Miami, FL
Breezer, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY
New York Style, Angel Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Junge Abstrakte, Temporary, Düsseldorf, GERMANY

NBC curated by Matt Jones, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY
In The Ring, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY
Human After All (two person exhibition with Matt Jones), BUIA Gallery, New York, NY

The Frisbee Art Fair, Miami, FL
Crystalis, The Peekskill Project, Peekskill, NY
One for GrandMa, Capsule Gallery, New York, NY
Deceptively Naïve, W/O Walls, ~ScopeNY, New York, NY

We Do What We Like and We Like What We Do, Atlantic Conference, Brooklyn, NY
The Beginning is the End, Atlantic Conference, Brooklyn, NY

Native, The House, Miami, FL


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Guest Lecturer/Visiting Artist, Parsons MFA Program, New York, New York
Guest Lecturer/Visiting Artist, School of Visual Arts MFA Program, New York, New York


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